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Paligo supports direct publishing to Netlify, the web hosting platform. The integration only supports HTML5 outputs. This means you can create HTML5 content in Paligo, such as an HTML5 help center, and publish it directly to Netlify. Paligo generates the output, applying the settings from the layout and the Publication document dialog in the process. When the output is created, it is uploaded to your chosen site in Netlify.

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Develop, review, and deploy web projects with the whole team using Netlify’s unified workflow. Netlify offers continuous deployment for sites, stores, and apps with all the infrastructure and automation required. This is accomplished with any framework, any data source AND any tool.



Integration description

If faster web development is your goal, then the Paligo-Netlify integration will help you get there! Ensure your documentation gets where it needs to be in the fast-paced world of web dev and DevOps.