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Swiftype search, also known as Elastic search, is a third-party search engine that you can use with your Paligo publications. It provides a fast, highly customizable search that is designed for a wide range of business websites, including e-commerce sites. As a dedicated search engine, it has some benefits over Paligo’s built-in search engine, but it does require a Swiftype subscription.

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Swiftype is a search platform for all your website content. Enter your website’s address and Swiftype will index your site and create your search engine in real-time. No coding is required, but developers can use the API for extra control. In no time, you can rollout an intuitive and world-class search experience to your users, readers or customers with all the functionality they expect.



Integration description

Roll out an intuitive and world-class search experience with the Swiftype integration. Its search engine provides a fast, customizable option compatible with a broad range of websites, including e-commerce.