Translation Partnerships Key to Growth: Paligo and Translate.One Team Up

June 29, 2023

Translate.One, a Trustpoint Company, and Paligo have formally announced a partnership to deliver exceptional service and support to our mutual customers requiring multilingual solutions. Having a trusted partner to support the delivery and maintenance of high-quality translations is essential to the growth and success ambitions of global brands. We at Paligo only go into partnerships with the most trustworthy solution providers and so we are delighted to recommend Translate.One as a translation partner with particular expertise in international business and law firms.

Translate.One has built a team of exceptional, quality translators and paired with an AI-informed process, can offer an efficient and productive translation process to guarantee success for their clients. Getting translations right is absolutely critical, and digital solutions alone are not yet mature enough to verify the fine nuances and implications of language translated in context. This is why real experts are still needed to sign off on translations with cutting-edge AI technology used to speed up the translation process.

Translate.One offers quality services such as:

  • Desktop publishing
  • eLearning adaptation
  • Software localization
  • Website localization
  • Multimedia services

The Paligo CCMS – component content management system – lends itself exceptionally well to the efficient translation of your documentation. Because content is managed as a database of content rather than as a file-based/document-level system the translation process becomes vastly more manageable – and scalable. Translations are kept together with each topic, making publishing content in other languages a breeze.

In short, the top benefits to using Paligo for your multilingual knowledge base and help center content are:

  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Reduced costs

The translation workflow in Paligo is easy for authors, contributors and reviewers to work in due to the SaaS-based user-friendly UI. Set your core language (i.e. the language the content is universally available in), then simply activate the other languages you wish to translate into in your portal. One of the foundational principles of Paligo’s system is to have a “single source of truth” which allows our customers to benefit fully from the structured authoring logic which is at the heart of the Paligo platform. This also applies to the translation management workflow.

Although Paligo offers a basic translation function built off of Google Translate, we always recommend using a professional translation service like Translate.One with a TMS (translation memory system) or alternatively avail one of our translation integrations such as Phrase or Semantix. A TMS and a CCMS work extremely well together as you should only pay once for the translation of each topic. Over time these topic translations will build and grow into a ready-to-use translator-approved database of content in all your required languages.

Read the full Press Release here