July 29, 2022

Paligo fills a niche in the CCMS market for complex documentation

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Tom Johnson (I’d Rather Be Writing) interviews the CEO of Paligo, Anders Svensson. Hear the story of Paligo came to be, and get an overview of some of its most impressive features. Paligo was born from the need for an affordable and easy-to-implement CCMS (component content management system) that is native in the cloud, and that can solve for both enterprise and mid-market companies. 

The documentation industry suffers from either being managed in tools not fit for purpose, by being constrained in clunky, old-fashioned software, and/or by being extremely cost prohibitive. To enable scalability, a CCMS eventually needs to be implemented by documentation teams. To date, however, the options on the market have been daunting in terms of the high workload and commitment it takes for migration, implementation and training. And sticking to a collection of disconnected (if affordable) free or cheap tools ends up costing more in the long run, simply on the time spent either moving between systems, formatting problems, security issues and generally fixing broken things. A robust solution pays its way and sets teams up for success in the long term. 

Paligo is a cloud-native CCMS built with a modern UI without compromising on functionality, and offered at a much more accessible price point than traditional CCMSs. 

Listen in to Anders and Tom as they discuss: 

  • A brief history of Paligo 
  • What complex documentation is
  • The case for granular content reuse
  • The benefits of connecting Support with Docs 
  • How faceted search works in Paligo 
  • What people often ask about Docbook
  • How 2-factor authentication works in Paligo 
  • Collaborating in Paligo