July 29, 2022

Scaling Video Production with Content Reuse

In this webinar, we explore how to scale personalized animated instructional videos (i.e. not recordings of screenshots with a voiceover). Visual communication, particularly for complex products and processes, is highly effective. However, most instructional content is delivered in written format only with perhaps some diagrams. Personalization is limited, if not impossible. This limits the success of the documentation for its target audience. So why isn’t animated video a more common format? 

Historically, video has been an expensive and time-consuming process for technical communicators. The video needs to be outsourced to a production company, or a specialist team in-house needs to create it. If the tech writer has video skills, they could spend days editing and recording. But with today’s technology, the door has been opened for technical video content at scale. 

Structured authoring is the secret to success for scalable technical video content. Through the example of CareAnimations, a company dedicated to creating personalized instructional medication videos, see how structured content and the correct tech stack (such as using TxtoMedia) can generate animated video content for your customers. See how you can output hundreds of videos per year, tailored in a way that matters to the viewer – your customer – at a fraction of the cost. This includes multilingual animated videos.

Watch this presentation to discover: 

  • How structured authoring forms the perfect foundation for reusable video snippets
  • How TxtoMedia technology works with structured content to output reusable multimedia content
  • See the CareAnimations success story in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to date