November 3, 2021

Adventures in XLIFF: Scaling Translations of Technical Content

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Bottlenecks in enterprise content translations occur before they are ever sent out for translation. So what can technical communicators do before handing over content for translation to ensure the most efficient process, as well as ensuring consistently high quality? Implementing the strategies in this webinar will also reduce the cost of translation – a huge expense for product releases. 

These strategies will also enable agile translation, rather than waiting for a bulk of material to be created before it can be sent for translation. This increases the success of deadlines being met by the documentation team. 

This webinar will show you to lay the groundwork for technical enterprise content translation success by: 

  • Creating structured content which is translation-friendly 
  • Using a database rather than a file-based translation system (TMS)
  • Using XLIFF as the exchange format 
  • How to use variables effectively in your CCMS to prevent translation errors 

Join Information Architect Enzo Colaeizzi as he guides you through the five big lessons he has learned throughout his career in enterprise translations and technical content.