March 16, 2021

The Three Experiences That Count in Technical Writing

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Technical communication is deeply connected to a great customer experience. We are now in a world where customers expect self-service when they have a query or a problem to solve. We predict that documentation will evolve to become a key part of the customer experience (CX), and its value as a core component of business success recognised. But are your current tools and processes set up to get you there?

This webinar explores the intersection of authoring, collaboration and customer experience. Technical communicators have access to the length and breadth of an organization in a way that other roles don’t. This highlights just how influential they can be, and how they are the glue that holds knowledge from across the business together.

It’s crucial that those working in documentation pivot the view of their role as a pipeline of publications to create and maintain, and instead rise above the perceived silos and reimagine their role as a core business driver. Organizations that succeed in this change will have happier and more successful customers.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about:

  • The business significance of authoring, collaboration and CX
  • Why technical communicators’ KPIs should be based on CX
  • Understanding authoring as content curation rather than content creation
  • How CX is more influential for customer choice than pricing or features
  • The key role technical communicators play in making organizations successful