July 22, 2021

Beyond Information Delivery: Why You Need to Become a Learning Organization

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How do you become a learning organization, and why would you even want to? In large or complex organizations, it’s challenging to figure out how internal patterns of behavior become embedded. But it is clear that these behaviors are what deeply influence an organization’s ability to adapt and change in a way that keeps it agile in the market. They determine how information gets shared, and knowledge gets created – exactly what technical communicators have to navigate every day. Becoming a learning organization is the key to changing damaging or regressive patterns of behavior and future-proofing your company.

But how can these changes be accomplished? Is it even possible?

We’re here to show you how some of the most successful companies in the world did it, and the incredible success that came as a result of pivoting from unstructured information sharing to deliberate knowledge creation. This business theory is called The Learning Organization. Its goal is to break down silos and minimize the inefficiencies caused by lost knowledge.

If implemented successfully, companies that follow the steps to becoming learning organizations benefits from:

  • Excellent knowledge storage, access and distribution
  • Quality archival knowledge
  • High level of collaboration
  • The enablement of candid feedback, discussions and questions