Other Integrations

Analytics logo
Google Analytics

Add your property id (or "tracking id") to connect Google Analytics to your HTML5 output. Also select whether you want to use the analytics.js tag or the global site tag (default).

Tag Manager Logo
Google Tag Manager

To integrate with Google Tag Manager and manage all your tracking and marketing tags in one place, simply add your container ID to connect it to your HTML5 output.

Mixpanel Logo
Mixpanel tracking

If you want to integrate with Mixpanel analytics.

Disqus comments

To get a section at the bottom of each topic with discussion threads, where users can add feedback, enable this with your Disqus domain.

Intercom chat
Intercom chat

If you use Intercom, you can add the chat widget here to communicate live with your customers as they browse your help site.

Delta XML Logo
Delta XML

We have partnered up with DeltaXML to provide the best possible XML comparison features available.

Integration description

The Paligo HTML5 output offers a range of integrations for analytics and other purposes. These integrations can help you track user behavior, analyze data, and engage with your audience through live chat and feedback.